What is ECI?

The School of Informatic Sciences (or ECI for its acronym in Spanish)  is a yearly event that takes place at the Computer Science Department, School of Exact and Natural Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, since 1987.

The goal of ECI is to offer Computer Science students and practitioners top-level intensive courses on topics not covered by the regular curricula. These courses are taught by lecturers from universities and institutions from all around the world which gives the schools’s participants the opportunity to establish links for academic cooperation, as well as promoting research and development activities.

Each year, between 400 and 800 people participate in ECI, taking one, two or three courses each. Many of the attendees come from other universities in Argentina and its neighbouring countries.

ECIs can be annually held thanks to the generous collaboration of prestigious professors and researchers from national and foreign universities, the support of the School of Exact and Natural Sciences, the collaboration of authorities and staff, and the financial support of private and public companies and institutions.

Structure of the ECI

Every ECI offers between 6 and 11 intensive courses. Each course lasts 15 hours in total (3 hours per day from Monday to Friday) and include a final evaluation. Certificates of assistance and completion are given to students at the end of the week and upon  passing the final evaluation, respectively.

During the ECI week, additional talks, tutorials, short seminars, challenges and other events usually take place. Some of these activities are specifically addressed to industry professionals.