Game semantics

  • Dan Ghica. University of Birmingham, Reino Unido.
  • Track de Fundamentos de Lenguajes de Programación.

Nota: El curso será dictado en Inglés


This is a course on game semantics of programming languages in the style of Hyland-Ong.
In the 1990s game semantics has solved the long-standing open problem of semantic definability for the programming language PCF. Shortly afterwards it has produced fully abstract models for Idealised Algol and then a large number of programming languages with a variety of features (state, control, non-determinism, concurrency, etc.).
This course will give a self-contained and elementary introduction to the topic.


• Introduction to denotational semantics of programming languages • Plays and arenas • Strategies and composition • Cartesian Closed Categories and Soundness • Definability and completeness.


Basic logic (proof and model theory). Understanding of mathematical reasoning (sets, functions, induction). Basic operational semantics of programming languages (optional). Basic category theory (optional).

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